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A liberal liberation on the account of the Association “Il sorriso di Costanza – ONLUS” is the most convenient form for those who do not want to associate with this ONLUS; It is also a viable opportunity to deduct from the total income the liberties, within the limit of 10% of declared income.



You can make payments by bank transfer to your current account at:

Credit transfers must be completed with their own references for the donation receipt (name, surname, tax code).

* NB: free donations in favor of a non-profit organization of social utility such as Il sorriso di Costanza – ONLUS, are deductible within the limit of 10% of your total declared income (see Article 10, paragraphs 1, 8 and 9 of the DL n .460 of December 4, 1997), and up to a maximum of 70,000 euros annually (Article 14 of Legislative Decree No 35 of 14/03/2005 converted by Law No. 80 of 14 May 2005). Alternatively, you may deduct from the gross tax 19% of the money donations up to the maximum amount of 2065, 83 € (see Article 15 i-bis of D.P.R. n917 / 1986).